An exclusive business club for
Russian retail chains top management

Since 2013, REDIS BUSINESS CLASS has been an exclusive business club, uniting owners and top-managers from the largest retail chains, commercial real estate developers and distribution companies in Russia. The Club quickly gained popularity due its new approach to retail business meetings, partly adopted from English elite clubs.

The club's motto is «Useful networking in retail». There is nothing superfluous at the Club's meetings: no unauthorized visitors, no sales and advertising. The bottom line is an informal, and at the same time, very useful business communication. Here, professionals share their experience with colleagues, getting to know their opinions, successes and mistakes and sharing relevant information about the market situation. Here professionals may find like-minded people, business partners and employees, new ideas and projects. Here Russian retail is getting stronger, which benefits both the companies and customers.

At the moment the club has more than 1200 members including many prominent figures in Russian retail, such as: Yevgeny Butman, co-owner of Ideas4Retail; Sergey Sarkisov, co-owner of the «Novard» group of companies; Vincent Gentil, General Director of «Leroy Merlin Russia» Anton Titov, the owner and CEO of «Obuv' Rossii»; Vadim Dymov, founder of the retail chain of «Respublika»; Sergey Loktev, General Director of Spar Russia; Tikhon Smykov, General Director of the Inventive Retail Group; Alexander Filippov, General Director of the pharmacy chain «Rigla»; Oskar Hartmann, KupiVip's founder; Sergey Meshchanyuk, co-owner of DNS, Svetlana Belova, General Director Svarovski (Russia) and many others.

During five years of operation, Redis Business Class (formerly Retail Business Class) has organized approximately 150 large and small events and club meetings in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities in Russia.

Among the international activities organised by the club have been: six official visits of the Russian Retail Delegation to NRF Retail's Big Show (USA, New York), five marine business summits Rеdis Retail Regatta (Italy, Croatia), two cocktail receptions at the international exhibition MAPIC (France), one visit of the Russian Retail Delegation to the trade fair EuroShop (Germany, Dusseldorf), one visit of the Russian Retail Delegation to Swiss international companies, visits to Armenia and Georgia. Also a charitable New Year's party was held at Hamleys, Days of benchmarking, and other events, where Redis case studies and strategic sessions were conducted. New formats and ideas are constantly appearing within the Club.

The Club's name Redis is derived from two words – retail and discussion.
The Board of Directors of the club is a consultative body. The role of the Board is to support and promote the Club's activities, recommend topics, headlines and the format of events.
Vladimir Sadovin
BoD member of «Azbuka Vkusa»
Sergey Sarkisov
Vice-President of «Novard» group of companies (including «Ekonika» chain)
Vladimir Chirakhov
General Director of «Detskij mir» group of companies
The Club's Main Projects
4 September 2019, Moscow
Each meeting focuses on one particular topic and brings together 25-30 top-managers and owners of retail businesses. On a given topic, a headline-retailer addresses the meeting, which is based on specific examples and figures, and talks about their own experience in full.

All those present at the meeting participate in the discussion, share case studies, ideas, make new contacts. This is a free and open discussion among professionals and «face to face» with 30 top managers and owners of retail companies in Russia in the comfort of an elite business club.

The format allows you to create an atmosphere of a common cause, to hear not just from the headliners, but from everyone present: examples, questions, exchanging ideas and information, and sometimes agreeing on further cooperation among participants.
Next meeting:
June 2020, Moscow

Photo reports:
This is constructed from a combination of business practices, personal communication with C-suits from retailers and a sailing race. Competition, informal communication, teamwork and learning the basics of maneuvering a sailing vessel.

Sailing experience is not required - experienced skippers will teach all the necessary skills, and by the regatta finals, those who want to, will already know how to sail.
In the summit's program:
- sailing race and competition among С-level retailers;
- intense business program in a non-standard format;
- professional reference visits to the most innovative Italian stores;
- basics of manoeuvring a sailing vessel, yachting and teamwork on the boat;
- new acquaintances and communication with the C-suits from retail;
- the beauty of Mediterranean sea.
26 - 30 May 2019,

Details can be found on the project's official website:
The Big Meeting of the Club brings together about 200 participants, is held over two days, but at the same time preserves the format of the Club's regular private business meetings: chamber-like setting, confidence and practical orientation.

The first day. Day of practice and complete retail immersion.
The topics for discussion and event headliners are selected by the members of the Club. The first day consists of 12 blocks of workshops in a non-stop mode.
This event retains all the standards of regular business meetings of Redis Business Class - headliner appearances, general discussion, networking elements, solving real business cases and problems. Each session involves up to 40 people. This allows for hearing from not just the headliners, but also each participant: their examples, ideas and questions. At the opening session of the Club's Big Meeting also present the key conclusions of the research «Retail Barometer»
The second day. Birthday celebration of Redis Crew and Redis Business Class executive club!

A small 5-year anniversary for a large company of 150 top managers and owners of companies operating in the retail market (the restaurant will not accommodate more).

We want to meet you in a pleasant and comfortable place, hug old friends, make new ones and still adhere to the rule of «only good people and good vibes around». Looking forward to see you soon!

Please, have a look how we celebrated the birthday of the club in 2015 and 2016.
4 September 2019,
Moscow, Russia


History of the project:

A closed research of the general mood and needs of Russian retail market «Retail Barometer» has been held for two years among top managers and owners of federal and regional retail chains, who represents six segments: food retail, apparel and accessories, beauty and health, DIY, children's goods, household appliances and electronics.

In 2016 Redis Business Class
conducted «Retail Barometer» together with The Boston Consulting Group, and in 2017 with the assistance of EY.
In 2018 «Retail Barometer» conducted together with PwC. The goal of the research: get to know the current situation in the retail market, to give market forecasts for the next year and, thus, to equip retailers with knowledge's that will help them work even more effective.

The key conclusions of the research were presented at the opening session of the Club's Big Meeting, the full results of the «Retail Barometer» with analyst comments and summary statistics has been sent to the respondents-members of Redis Business Class by e-mail.
To understand retail market situation, we asked C-level managers to answer a few questions
«The golden ring of Russian business» is a series of business tours to entrepreneur-creators who are not just sharp about their business, but also aim to improve the world in a particular industry. They do not speak from the high rostrum, but host us as guests in places that give them power. And each time we get convinced of the rectitude of cause, because these people serve as a useful example to each strategically-minded leader, no matter in what field he works.
We have already held sevaral series: as guests of Vladimir Sedov, founder of the «Askona» group of companies, the «Goodwill» group of companies and the city Dobrograd and as guests of Stefan Durr, founder, co-owner and CEO of EkoNiva, one of the largest agricultural enterprises of Russia, the leader in the production of raw milk, then it was a visit to Evgeny Demin, founder of SPLAT and the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin. And on April 20-22, 2018, the club members visited Pavel Titov, co-owner of the Abrau-Durso Russian wine house and Mikhail Nikolaev, managing partner of Nikolayev and sons and Lefkadia Valley winery.
Next visit
in partnership with SAP:
2020 year,
The leader of the market of meat processing and poultry meat production will show how the only robotized factory in the industry works, where stuff do not even touch the products. The top management of the company will show what an intellectual enterprise is, how it works and why it needs a deserted production. The meeting will also include a tour of the Cherkizovo robotized factory.
About the project
Vladimir Sedov, founder of the «Askona» group of companies, the «Goodwill» group of companies and the city DobrogradTo the journey through the «The golden ring…» we invite the most thinking and indifferent owners and top managers of retail companies, and quite a narrow range − up to 25 people (to have time for close communication, answer all questions and exchange the ideas). These are those people whom, in the opinion of the organizers, will be useful and interesting to hear what the hero of the project thinks, and with whom he by himself will be interested to talk to. This way, the benefit from communication should be mutual. Ideally, it will result in concrete changes in the companies of those who participate in the project, because the main goal of the «The golden ring…» – is to change the world (including retail) for the better.

Project participants spend two or three days visiting the main hero of the project. During this time, he plays the role of a tour guide, showing their businesses, introduces his colleagues and employees. In fact, it is a direct conversation about the role of the entrepreneur, about his views on business, family, principles, relations with government, about what motivates him and what inspires him. Turns of this informal communication are not programmed; they are largely dependent on the interests of protagonist of the project and its participants. And the conversation itself takes place not at only one place, but in the process of action: the same tour of production or in the office allows you to tell a lot about the company.

The first series of the project – business trip to Vladimir Sedov, founder of the «Askona» group of companies, the «Goodwill» group of companies and the city Dobrograd was held in May 2017. His place of power – the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region, where his factory for the production of sleeping goods is operating, he built the First Clinical Medical Center - with a polyclinic, hospital, operating room (on the board of directors - Leonid Roshal), and where he founded the city Dobrograd with a park, a school of arts, a hotel, an open theater on the water and generally all that is necessary for life.
About the visit to Vladimir Sedov to "Ascona" and Dobrograd city
The first series of the project "Golden ring of Russian business" was held on May 12-13, 2017 It was a trip to Vladimir Sedov, co-owner of the company "ASKONA" and GK "Goodwill". His place of power – the city Kovrov in Vladimir region, where his factory of the production of goods for sleep located and "first clinical medical center" − with a polyclinic, day hospital, operating room (in the Board of Directors − Leonid Roshal). And also, Russia's first private city − Dobrograd − with a park, school of arts, hotel, Church and in general everything you need for life.

About the program:

● Together with Vladimir, who took on the role of a guide, we looked at the company "Ascona", medical center and bypassed the city of Dobrograd (saw how the houses are build, impressed with the latest operating, learned details about the production of mattresses).

● We talked to Vladimir about the role of the entrepreneur, his views on business, family, principles, relations with the authorities and everything he wanted to say or ask.

● Met and talked to Tom Wells, a friend and business partner of Vladimir Sedov, whom he highly appreciates and considers his teacher. Among the achievements of Tom Wells-72 patents for products for sleep; a huge contribution to the development of Leggett&Platt, which in the years of his work was included, according to Fortune, in the top 500 companies in the United States; he is the author of the book a Touch of Love.

Tom shared his thoughts on the role of the Manager in the company, on business relations, on the difference and commonality of business cultures in Russia, America, China and other countries.

● Got acquainted and exchanged experience with the CEO of the company "Ascona" Roman Yershov. It was an honest conversation about the relationship between the owner and the hired Manager; about how and why Ascona builds a business with meaning, about how lovemark was created; about Ascona's plans in the retail market.

● Become the first (honorary) guests of the new Park hotel "Dobrograd", tried on ourselves what the hotel offers.
About the visit to Stefan Durr and EkoNiva
Stefan Durr founder, co-owner and General Director of the holding companies "EkoNiva − APK and EkoNiva − Tekhnika". In the late 80-ies he came from Germany to Russia on a student internship, and eventually settled here and built a holding company, which now ranks as the first in the production of raw milk in Russia and is one of the largest in other areas of agriculture.

In the program of the tour (29-30 September 2017):

- Dinner and direct conversation with Stefan Durr on the role of the entrepreneur, his views on business, family, about principles, about relations with the authorities, about what he did in critical situations (including what decisions and actions he did when he practically lost his business in 2002), about the difference and commonality of business cultures in Russia and Germany, about the lessons he learned at various moments and in general about everything he want to talk about.

- Excursion with Stefan on the farms of EkoNiva-APK Holding. During the tour, Stefan will show a variety of farms and tell how it all works. Group will also see the offices of Stefan and his team, which the company calls the Kremlin and the White House.

- Participation in the harvesting. Those who wish will be trusted to drive the combine for a short time.

- Acquaintance and conversation with Viktor Vladimirovich Shevtsov, the head of the Liskinsky district, whom Stefan considers his mentor and talisman. According to Stefan, this is a very unusual person; this type of old leader is tough, but fair and honest.

- Excursion to the Academy of Dairy Sciences - an interactive platform, which shows «where does the milk come from». The model can be used by companies that are engaged in completely different businesses. Here we will talk about how EkoNiva popularizes its products, how to become a favorite brand both for customers, employees, and partners.

- Visit to the milk production factory.
About the visit to Evgeny Demin, SPLAT and Andrey Nikitin, Governor of Novgorod region
On March 23-24, 2018, took place the visit of the delegation Redis Business Class club to Novgorod oblast. Owners and top managers of retail chains visited Evgeny Demin's factory of SPLAT company located in Okulovsky district, met with the Governor of the region Andrey Nikitin, Novgorod producers and developers, and also discussed investment appeal of area for distribution chains.

The delegation consisted from more than 30 owners and top managers from Metro Cash & Carry, X5 Retail Group, "L'etoile",, VseInstrumenti, Zenden, 36,6, "Sem+Ia", Baon, ASNA, Sokolov, "220 Volt", Trussardi, Nevis, LPP Russia (chains Reserved Mohito, House, Cropp, Sinsay), TSUM Sochi, Federal Purchasing Union, as well As the government of Samara region and the project partner – Microsoft. The trip was organized with the support of NAST and personal assistance of Lia Levinbuk. The visit took place within the framework of the project "Golden ring of Russian business", dedicated to people who improve the world around them. Among these people and the co – founder of SPLAT Eugeny Demin.

On the first day - March 23 - private group got acquainted with the company and visited the eco-factory working in accordance with the high standards of environmental safety and environmental protection in Okulovsky district. Immediately after visiting the factory, the participants went to Veliky Novgorod, where they met with people who are also changing the world around them - Novgorod region Governor Andrei Sergeevich Nikitin and his team. In addition to discussions with the Governor and Minister of industry and trade I. Malenko on the development of the region and its investment attractiveness for retail chains, delegates were able to communicate in person with local manufacturers and developers.

The business meeting, organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Novgorod region on March 24, brought together about 20 representatives of the business community of the Novgorod region. Agribusiness Laktika, manufacturers of oils "Oil King", beverages, "Deka", "Crumbs", "Novgorodka" and other companies also showed their products at the exhibition. Retailers appreciated the quality of local products and business readiness for cooperation. The trip ended with a memorable tour of the Kremlin.
About the visit to Pavel Titov, wine house "Abrau-Durso" and Mikhail Nikolaev, "Valley of Lefkada" winery.
On April 20-22, 2018, took place the fourth trip of the owners and top managers of retail companies within the framework of the «Golden ring of Russian business» project.

Members of Redis Business Class club visited Pavel Titov, President of the wine house "Abrau-Durso", Mikhail Nikolaev, managing partner "Nikolaev and sons"and "Valley of Lefkada" winery. Besides that delegation also visited stadium, Park and Academy of the football club "Krasnodar" founded by Sergey Galitsky.

The delegation was attended by over 30 C-level managers from retail chains "Azbuka Vkusa", "Vishaia League" (sports), group of companies Novard (includes "Econika"), "L'etoile", "Magnet", "Tvoi Dom", Federal Procurement Union, Baon, Familia, LPP S. A. Russia (chain Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, Sinsay), McDonald's (SPP), Melon Fashion Group, Natura Siberica, Samsonite, Sela, Sokolov, Swarovski, Trussardi,, X5 Retail Group, Zenden and partner of the project – Microsoft.

The Golden ring of Russian business project dedicated to people who are changing the world around them. Among such people is Pavel Titov, who together with his team and his father – Boris Titov, revived once forgotten place "Abrau-Durso" in a large-scale, well-known and successful business.

On the first day of the visit, the participants got acquainted with the 145-year history of the champagne wine factory during a tour of historical tunnels and production. The company is very attentive to its history and it has something to be proud of: champagne "Abrau" delivered to the Imperial court and has always been synonymous with high quality. All years of experience is taken into account, stored and processed: in the structure of the wine house even a special Department dealing with the study of historical heritage. Today "Abrau-Durso" - is not only a wine house with a high quality product, but also a famous resort on the banks of the lake of the same name. Infrastructure of high level, SPA-hotel with the highest level of service and restaurants. During the direct conversation, Pavel Titov spoke about the difficult way to build such a large and diverse business.
About the visit to Cherkizovo robotized factory
On April 18 (Thursday) 2019, in partnership with SAP, Redis Business Class club will organize a visit to the Cherkizovo robotized factory for 25 C-level managers of retail companies.
The leader of the market of meat and poultry production for the first time will show how the only robotized factory in the industry works, where stuff do not even touch the products. The top management of the company will shiw what an intellectual enterprise is, how it works and why it needs a deserted production. The meeting will also include a tour of the Cherkizovo factory.
The factory is built on the philosophy of industry 4.0, where all automated lines, robots, it systems communicate with each other directly and fully control the entire production process. Even racks with products inside the factory are transported by robots that receive tasks via wi-fi and report on its implementation.
Depending on the sales plan, the system calculates the production plan, the demand for raw materials and forms the purchase, and then places an order in the production. Thus, it is impossible to produce and pack products that are not included in the sales plan.
Annual specialized trade fair and conference Retail's Big Show, organized by NRF – National Retail Federation is one of the largest and most important events in the world related to innovations and technology in retail.
The program of the official visit of the Russian Retail Delegation is drafted in a way that all the participants can get maximum benefits from attending NRF Retail's Big Show, examination of the American retail sector, communication with each other and leaders of retail companies from other countries.

Also program includes the negotiations with headliners, stores overview and professional reference visits to the most innovative stores and number of interesting places for evening entertainment. But, perhaps, the most important thing is a useful communication and exchange of experience with 80 colleagues-retailers during five days. In 2018 the official Russian Retail Delegation to NRF Retail's Big Show is organized by Redis Crew already for the fifth time.
11-15 January 2020, New York, USA

Details can be found on the project's official website:
The experience of international companies from different countries gives the club members an opportunity to take a fresh look at their business, meet new business partners, learn know-how from the first persons and get acquainted with business processes of other countries.

A series of business tours to other countries that planned for the next year implies an acquaintance with both -innovative fast-growing businesses and with the giants of the global retail market.

This project is designed for a narrow circle of participants, no more than 25 of the most passionate and strategic-minded owners and top managers of retail companies.

Redis Business Class together with Swiss Business Hub Russia on 12th of April 2018 organized an evening reception at the residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Saint-Petersburg in honor of the opening of «Days of Switzerland in St. Petersburg», which was held from 12 to 22 April 2018.

During «Days of Switzerland» delegation of food producers and other high-quality goods that are «Made in Switzerland» and not represented on the Russian market yet will visit Russia.
Previous visit:

5 - 7 April 2019

visit to one of the most hospitable countries - Georgia.
About the business tour to Switzerland
Redis Business Class with the support Swiss Business Hub Russia, Embassy of Switzerland and Heimat, formed a delegation of 15 owners and С-level retailers from Russia to familiarize and networking with Swiss C-suits from retail, producers and manufacturing companies.

In the program of the tour (5-8 October, 2017):

● Visiting companies and producers in Zurich, Bad Ragaz, Vaduz (Liechtenstein);

● Communication with the top management and reference visits to of one of the leaders of the European retail market – Coop and Landi (FENACO cooperative).

● Business breakfast with members Swiss Business Hub Russia and Swiss food producers supported by Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow, interested in developing business relations with Russia.

Project participants: maximum of 15 people, the owners and top managers of retail companies. Among them: top managers from «Azbuka Vkusa», «Perekrestok Express» / X5 Retail Group, «Tvoi Dom», «Federal Purchasing Union», Prisma, «Auchan» etc.).

About the business tour to Armenia
The idea of this tour is to see Armenia as a country that despite its limited natural resources and not a very friendly environment, manages to create beautiful and profitable businesses, and to develop their territory. In the program of the tour:

October 20, Friday
●Getting to know and conversation with Zorik Garibyan, founder and owner of the winery Zorah. Elin McCoy, a renowned taster and resident expert of Bloomberg Business week in 2012 included Zorah Karasi Areni Noir in a list of the ten best wines of the world. Its wine is sold in Michelin-starred restaurants, and earlier this winery produced only the ordinary «Soviet» wine.

October 21, Saturday
Visit to the one of the world's best schools - Ayb school (its education recognized at the international level). In the program − a conversation with Aram Pakhchanian, Director of Ayb school. School is supported by entrepreneurs of Armenian origin that lives in different countries. In the program − the tour of the school.
Getting to know and conversation with Gagik Baghdasaryan, the founder and director of a fishery. He raises trout, sturgeon and beluga using the cascade of pools wit spring water that comes down from the mountains. They say, he has the most delicious fish in Armenia.

22 October, Sunday
Getting to know and conversation with Ruben Vardanian, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, founder of the business school «SKOLKOVO». The program also includes a meeting with Arman Gravano, General Director of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Foundation, who will tell us about this organization and will hold a tour of the office.

Project participants: maximum of 30 people, the owners and top managers of retail companies. Among them: Ruben Arutyunyan, President of Henderson, a trustee and one of the initiators of this series; Tatiana Bakalchuk, founder, co-owner and CEO; Vladislav Bakalchuk, co-owner; Sergey Sarkisov, co-owner GK «Novard» (which includes the chain «Ekonika»); Mikhail Kuchment, co-owner and vice President of Hoff; Stefan Durr, founder, co-owner and CEO of the holding EkoNiva; Viktor Shapkin, financial Director at «L'etoile»; Leonid Hanik, co-owner of Concept Group, member of the Board of Directors of the «Detskij mir»; Svetlana Mozhaeva, Deputy General Director of Familia; Artem Sokolov, co-owner of the company Sokolov.
About the private reception at the Residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Saint-Petersburg
On 12 of April 2018 in St. Petersburg took place a private reception at the Residence of the Consul General of Switzerland, organized by Redis Business Class club together with the Swiss Business Hub Russia in honor of the opening of the festival "Days of Switzerland in St. Petersburg".

In the program of the evening was a direct conversation about trends in European and Russian retail, about import to Russia: features, difficulties, successful cases. Traditionally, an honest and open conversation "behind the closed doors" between Russian and foreign colleagues was held in conjunction with the celebration of the reception in the best traditions of Swiss quality. About trends in European retail, gave an interesting presentation Stefan Hermann, Director of Trade Center Raduga. Irina Dobriany and Alexander Sharapov from Caran d'ache and coffee Egoiste and Bushido told how to promote Swiss brands on the Russian market and about the trends in the Russian retail in general shared by the expert opinion Roman Robland Head GK "Budu mamoi" and Sergey Medvedev General Director of "Pharmacy Nevis".

After the business part the participants was has a buffet reception in honor of the opening of the festival, informal communication with the top-managers of companies focused on cooperation with the Russian market, as well as representatives of the Consulate.
About the business tour to Georgia
On April 5-7, 2019, the fifth trip of owners and top managers of retail companies took place within the framework of the project «Golden ring of world business. Georgia.» In the project about the improvement of the world, this time in a particular country and the efforts of various entrepreneurs - was attended by 40 C-level managers of Adamas, Novard ("Econika"), GK O'key, Dochki-Synochki, L'etoile, Magnit, Baon, Bosco di Ciliegi, Familia, L'occitane Russia, LPP S. A. Russia (Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, Sinsay), Melon Fashion Group, Metro Cash & Carry, Mustang Jeans, Natura Siberica, Novardis, Samsonite, SAP, Sela, 12Storeez, Sokolov, Swarovski, Trussardi Russia & CIS, ZENDEN-Group, Finn Flare.

The program of the visit began with a visit to Levan Vasadze, previously - first Vice-President of AFK Sistema, member of the Board of Directors of Sistema Telecom, MGTS, Comstar, Skylink, ROSNO, Intourist, Detsky Mir, Sistema gals, Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development, SITRONICS and CEO of ROSNO. Today - Chairman of the Board of Directors — Prometheus Capital (developing a network of more than 100 stores for animals "Beethoven" and Georgia's largest production of sparkling and still wines Bagrationi 1882). Levan is also a co-founder of the company for the creation of national Georgian clothing, the founder of several schools and the father of 8 children.

Levan met the participants at the Church in Kiketi, which was rebuilt on the site of the destroyed one. Then there was a direct conversation and a tour of the School. Iakoba Gogebashvili, where a special approach to the "cultivation" of children. Education is based on four equal blocks: teaching science, sports education, spiritual and labor. For example, children themselves bake bread, which they eat, clean the territory, prepare cheese.

After a conversation at the School, Levan introduced the participants to his residence, which is often used for the needs of students, and the meeting ended with a wine tasting of his factory Bagrationi 1882 and a visit to the restaurant, which develops the wife of Levan - Nino.

In the second half of the day the delegation visited one of the most beautiful places in Georgia – the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers, and climbed to the famous Jvari temple, which stands on top of the mountain. The tour ended with a trip to ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, which was founded in the 8th century and visit the largest among surviving Georgian churches - the Cathedral Svetitskhoveli.

Then ehe business dinner was dedicated to the communication of Georgian businessmen and members of the Russian delegation. In an informal atmosphere, the guests discussed the peculiarities of doing business in Georgia, and the main difficulties and opportunities.

The dinner was decorated with traditional Georgian polyphony and national dances. The special guests at the dinner were: Alina Gamsakhurdiya, 995.Travel; Paata Kebadze, Prospero group; Malkhaz Mashai, Trussardi Georgia; David Shengelia, Caparol Georgia; Michael Khundadze, Corporation Georgian Wine; Timur, Arunashvili the owner of several hotels; Sandro Kanchaveli, Gourmet Georgian; Alexander Kharebava, Winery Khareba; Sophia Guguberidze, the owner of the store Georgian designers Leri and Levan Vasadze, the owner of the network "Beethoven", a winery, Bagrationi 1882, a School of them. Of Iakob Gogebashvili, etc.

The organizer of the project: Redis Crew,

Partners of the project: "ProStore by Lubivaya", SAP and Novardis.

Calendar plan*
SEASON 2018 – 2019

The calendar could be changed. Please stay tuned!

The number of places is limited.
Details upon the request.
Details upon the request
The number of places is limited.
Details of the visit upon the request
The number of places is limited.
Details upon the request
The number of places is limited.
Details upon the request
The number of places is limited.
Details upon the request
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